April 1, 2023

Building a Thriving Community: A Marketing Case Study for Crabada​

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Crabada emerged as an exciting new blockchain game on the Avalanche Network, launching its initial browser-based beta version in November 2021, and later releasing its cross-platform app compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS devices in May 2022. Amidst an overly-saturated blockchain gaming landscape and under tight budget constraints, my challenge was to foster Crabada organically as efficiently as possible.

To achieve this, I worked to devise engaging community-centered marketing campaigns that leveraged and showcased Crabada’s unique features, effectively cultivating a passionate community of players and enthusiasts.

My Role

  • Brand Voice and Identity
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Strategy & Writing
  • Social Media Activation & Campaigns
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction


  • Took up 60-80% of Avalanche Network's C-Chain transactions, making Crabada the most used DApp on C-Chain
  • Organic growth of Twitter following from 0 to over 50K
  • Established a strong and passionate community of Crabadians

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    1. Social Engagement & Activation

    To introduce Web3 users to the world of Crabada, we had to get creative to distinguish ourselves amid the multitude of games in the space.

    We devised and ran effective social engagement initiatives and campaigns that tied back to Crabada, allowing users to have an enjoyable and memorable experience, and piquing their interests in what Crabada had to offer.

    Here are a few examples of the initiatives that we ran:

    Pre-launch: Rumble in the Undersea Jungle

    Rumble in the Undersea Jungle - Fight 2Rumble in the Undersea Jungle - Fight 3

    As the new Crabs on the Block(chain), we wanted to showcase the various Crabada NFTs, and at the same time, introduce Crabada's core gameplay loop, which involves teams of 3 Crabada NFTs battling against another team of 3. 

    The campaign was run on Twitter. We assembled 16 Crabada teams (with playful names) and set them up to compete in a knockout competition, until only one triumphant team remained.

    Participants earned points by accurately predicting the winners of the 15 battles throughout the 5-day event. To enter, they had to like and reply to the tweet, and they could gain additional points by retweeting it publicly. The top 15 participants with the highest scores secured spots on the whitelist at the end of the 15 rounds.

    Throughout the campaign, users eagerly engaged in voting for their predicted teams and actively retweeted each round to earn extra points, demonstrating their enthusiasm and commitment to the competition.

    Rumble in the Undersea Jungle - Fight 6Rumble in the Undersea Jungle - Fight 12

    • Effectively showcased Crabada's core gameplay loop and NFTs
    • Successfully promoted ongoing participation
    • Boosted Twitter engagement and interaction
    • Achieved a 10x in Twitter growth, from 100 to over 1,000 followers during the campaign

    Pre-launch: How long can you HODL the $CRA?

    HODL the CRA

    The Crabada team had announced a 4-hour window for token listing to avoid front-running activity, ensuring as fair a launch as possible. The objective of this pre-token listing activation was to maintain excitement among users and keep them on their toes while helping them stay calm for the surprise listing.

    The community loved it and responded enthusiastically to this approach! Some got creative with numbers, and some even started sending the Crabada to the moon!

    • Over 6k tweet engagements
    • Thousands of players engaging in the mini game
    • Less spam questions of "WEN LISTING" within the community

    Crabada's 5-Part Christmas Special Event: Of Crabs, Carols & Giving

    Crabada's Special Christmas Event - Of Crabs, Carols and Giving
    Crabada's Special Christmas Event - Of Crabs, Carols and Giving

    Crabada NFTs had become increasingly difficult to acquire for many, with the floor price at approximately $2,000 (originally free mints) for a single NFT. We had a surplus of Crabada NFTs from our Special Breeding Event, which were initially intended to be burnt.

    However, with Christmas right around the corner, what better way to celebrate the season than by embracing the spirit of giving?

    We encouraged Twitter users to submit their Christmas wishes using the hashtag #CrabbyChristmasCarol and showcased their entries. The Crabadian Community voted on their favourite and most-heartwarming entries to win Crabada NFTs.

    #CrabbyChristmasCarol Submission

    Additionally, Crabada NFTs were gifted to our dedicated volunteer mod team and contributors as a token of gratitude for their valuable involvement in the community.

    • 100s of Crabada NFTs distributed to the community
    • Generated a huge amount of social traction
    • Over 400K hearts warmed ❤️‍🔥
    • Successful implementation of user-generated content

    2. Digital Ad Campaign (Experiment)

    Upon conducting research and interviews to assess the efficacy of paid ads via traditional digital advertising platforms, we found that there was little-to-no data available. 

    This prompted us to conduct our own experiment using the Google Display Network. We deployed both static and video ads, incorporating A/B testing for visuals and copy to gain a better understanding of their effectiveness.

    Crabada Teaser Ad
    Crabada Teaser Ad

    Crabada Static Ad 1Crabada Static Ad 2

    However, accurately tracking conversion rates remained a persistent challenge due to the intricacies of onboarding new users into the blockchain space and the use of Metamask, which complicated the evaluation of the campaign's overall performance.

    Despite this minor setback, the experiment resulted in a 270% increase in web traffic and an average clickthrough rate of 2.6%. It also offered valuable insights into the broader Web2 audience's receptiveness to Web3 gaming, laying the groundwork for further exploration of marketing strategies in this rapidly evolving landscape.

    • Increased web traffic by over 270%
    • Avg CTR of 2.6% at $0.02 CPC
    • $0.46 CPM over 6M impressions

    3. Creating Opportunities for Collaborative Marketing Campaigns

    Collaborative marketing serves as a powerful tool for projects, as it enables the pooling of resources, ideas, and audience reach. By forming strategic partnerships and working together with other projects, we were able to significantly expand our visibility, and tap into new and diverse communities, contributing to the overall growth Crabada.

    Crabada's Battle Bounty

    Crabada's Battle Bounty
    Crabada's Battle Bounty

    Battle Bounty allowed for collaborative opportunities with other projects and games, even those beyond the Avalanche ecosystem. This broadened Crabada's visibility to users from platforms across the blockchain space. 

    Battle to the Dev(s) - Bounty Board
    Battle to the Dev(s) - Bounty Board

    The first iteration of the Crabada Bounty campaign was called Battle to the Dev(s), where it served as a proof of concept by pitting players against the Crabada team in battle, resulting in over 17,000 fierce battles.

    Bounty posters from collaborating projects were displayed on a dedicated Bounty Board on the Crabada website, where players utilised the Crabada Battle Game app to scan the QR code from the bounty poster, allowing them to engage in battle directly within the Battle Game.

    This innovative approach paved the way for more collaborative opportunities, opening doors to potential partnerships with a wide array of projects and games. As a result, the Crabada brand continued to expand its reach, fostering an environment that enhanced brand awareness and user engagement.

    4. Content Creator's Program

    Crabada Music

    The Content Creator's Program involved handpicking community contributors based on their valuable input across various social platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and Telegram, and developers of third-party tools that enabled greater accessibility to Crabada. This approach granted us direct access to feedback from the community's perspective, enabling us to better understand and address any issues or concerns.

    By designating these community members as public-facing Ambassadors, we created a neutral voice that represented both the Crabada team and the Crabadian Community, fostering a deeper connection and trust within our audience.

    Furthermore, the Content Creator's Program generated a steady stream of organic content that could be shared on social media, enhancing our online presence and promoting further engagement with the Crabada brand. This strategy played a pivotal role in nurturing and growing our community, contributing to the overall growth of the project.

    5. The Rich Undersea Kingdom of Crabada

    Immersive storytelling and engaging lore play a vital role in establishing a thriving gaming community. With Crabada, our goal was to create a distinct world and fascinating backstory that would serve to spark interest and intrigue in followers and ultimately entice them to further explore the Crabada world as new and exciting events unfold.

    Crabada Lore

    Crabada Lore - Amida’s Last Stand
    Crabada Lore - Amida’s Last Stand

    Our goal was to develop a captivating and engaging backstory through immersive Lore, enabling players to fully delve into the events and history of the Kingdom of Crabada, past and present.

    As the Crabadian timeline advances, additional Lore content would be crafted and made accessible to players in conjunction with game developments at various stages. This dynamic approach contributed to a continuously evolving world and landscape, enriching the overall experience.

    Crabada Snibbets (Snippets)

    Crabada Snibbets #1 - NewbornCrabada Snibbets #2 - Friends

    Our vision for the Crabada NFTs extended beyond simply being an NFT or in-game project. We wanted the Crabada to be perceived as friends and companions, each possessing their own unique personality.

    To foster this idea, we crafted stories that gave the Crabada distinct personas and placed them in relatable situations. Subsequently, we collaborated with the art team to vividly portray these characters and their emotions and brought the Crabada to life!

    The Crabada Snibbets initiative was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the community!

    💡 Afterthoughts

    The experience of crafting inventive and engaging initiatives on a constrained budget presented both a fun and challenging opportunity for myself. By focusing on community-centric activities, fostering collaboration, and storytelling, the team managed to build a thriving and passionate community around Crabada despite limited resources.

    These campaigns underscore the importance of creativity, adaptability, and strategic partnerships in capturing the attention of a diverse audience and driving the overall success of a project in the competitive blockchain gaming space, and I'm proud to have played an integral role in it.

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